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The Case of Edward Snowden

What will happen to Edward Snowden? This is the cutting news of the moment, and the bizarre journey is still underway. Snowden was a former C.I.A. Technician and has admitted to leaking state secrets regarding a new U.S. Surveillance program that collects massive amounts of phone data records for the use of foreign sur… read more

Should I File for Bankruptcy?

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, here's some important information you should know. While a lawyer will also be able to help answer any legal questions, these are the basics that will help you to have a sense of which direction to take when considering filing for bankruptcy. Common questions that a lawye… read more

The Juvenile Justice System

The process used for juveniles who are under suspicion for committing a crime is different than that of adults in a similar case. As such, the juvenile court system was created. This court process offers police, prosecutors and judges a chance to discipline and offer alternatives to the offending juvenile. The police o… read more

Top Site for Arts and Entertainment

Have you ever heard of the website If you love celebrity gossip and following the latest fashion successes and failures, this is the site for you. Written by two witty and forked-tongue Hollywood fashionistas, it will have you laughing until you cry. Follow the latest appointments of Prince William a… read more