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Barbara Kingsolver: Scientist and Writer

Born in 1955 and raised in Kentucky, Barbara Kingsolver went on to study biology. Determined on her path as a scientist, it was only in 1985 that she began to try her hand at writing fiction. Her first novel, The Bean Trees, was published in 1988, which she wrote while pregnant with her first daughter. Today her books … read more

Help! Can't Afford Your Student Loans?

The common options for those who are having trouble paying off their student loans is to use student loan forbearance or deferment, which, while both valid financial aid tools, may be an expensive mistake. Though at first these and other programs may seem like a blessing: immediate relief from financial hardship, but n… read more

Naturally Improve Your Chances for Pregnancy

Did you know that simple changes in diet and lifestyle can dramatically increase your chances of getting pregnant? Here are some other tips and tools. Know when you are in the moment of optimal fertility by measuring your basal body temperature, intercourse should occur a few days before and after ovulation begins. Th… read more

Public Schools vs. Private Schools

Every parent wants the best for their children and when they become old enough to begin school, many parents decide to send them to a private school instead of the public one. Many hold the belief that private schools are inherently better than public ones; public schools are often underfunded, so it is assumed that th… read more

Boost Your Libido With an Active Lifestyle

If it seems like your libido is not especially responsive, no worries, here are some tips for boosting the female libido. Best of all, the tips are just simple lifestyle changes that will help you feel better in general. Of course, there are the classic and well known kegel exercises, which we can only assume since the… read more