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The Legendary ESPN

So, you say you haven't been to the ESPN website lately? Did I hear you say that it's just another sports site? Nothing special? How much different could it possibly be than every other site that gives you scores and updates? If your thoughts are similar to those you've just read, it's time you took a fresh look. Once… read more

Tour Coffee Plantations on a Hawaiian Island

If your hobby is drinking delicious coffee then don't waste another moment – book your trip to a coffee plantation in Hawaii. The most famous Hawaiian coffee comes from Kona island, which has high elevation, cloudy skies and rich volcanic soil which make it perfect for making a unique coffee bean. The choices for whi… read more


Everyone wants top quality perfumes made from the powder of genuine fragrant blossoms, whether it be roses, Jasmin, gardenia, or any other flowers. You can just about picture the old fashioned mortar and pestle - creating delicious smells. However, some perfumes have been known to be so humanly magnetic they are a sort… read more

How to Burn More Calories Swimming

Everyone knows that half an hour of swimming is a great way to burn around 250 calories while having fun and toning your muscles, but why settle for just that? Here's how to burn more and still feel great. It's possible to push your swim workout up a notch with these simple tips. First of all, keep your heart rate up t… read more

Coconut Oil For Beautiful Skin

Beauty products are ridiculously expensive and most of the time the price isn't even relevant to the quality! Thankfully, you can use the best ingredients without any unnecessary additives and get great skin and hair for much less. Just buy some coconut oil and make effective, low-cost beauty products on your own! Not … read more