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Where to Wed in London This Summer

The summer is a beautiful moment of the year to marry and there are several fantastic outdoor locations to make a memorable wedding. So whether you are looking for tradition, luxury or a church wedding, here are the best picks. For a classic venue that is a sophisticated choice, consider Syon Park nearby London. It has… read more

Paint Your Home With Natural Pigments

Natural earth pigments were once the only choice for painting a home – or anything for that matter – now however chemical-based colors have become the normal and low-cost choice. However, in the past years natural pigments are coming back as a popular choice both because of their beauty and as a healthy alternative… read more

Make a Successful Organic Garden

If you are growing your own fruits and vegetables the best choice is to make an organic garden. It doesn't require more work or more money and it will yield the same, if not more, fruits and vegetables than a non-organic garden would. Plus, you'll be feeding yourself and your family only the best foods that will help t… read more

How Have Smoking Laws Change America's Health

Almost immediately after many American states began to put into act laws banning smoking in public places such as workplaces, restaurants and bar, the amount of related hospitalizations for heart attacks fell by 15%, while stroke hospitalizations fell by 16% and respiratory hospitalizations fell by 24%! The greater the… read more

Dance for Fitness

Like yoga, dance is an excellent way to have fun and stay toned. Best of all, the choices for dance are endless: tango, tap, belly dancing, hip hop, freestyle, jazz, ballet and many others. Dancing helps one lose and maintain a healthy weight, keep strong bones, improve posture and muscle strength while increasing coor… read more