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Create a Computer Workspace

Do you work on the computer? If yes, here are some tips to create a comfortable computer-based work space in your home or office. A well-designed workspace will not only help you organize and perform better at your job, it will improve your health and physical well-being. You'll remain better-focused and help avoid bac… read more

Improve Hip Flexibility With Yoga Stretches

Healthy hips should not be underrated. Today more people work in sedentary positions in front of their computer, day in and day out, slowly hardening the muscles in their hip and pelvic zone, eventually leading to back pain and other disturbances. The pelvis has an important role and a big workload: it is the fulcrum b… read more

Buying a Foreclosed Home

Expect that buying a foreclosed home to be a different experience than buying a typical piece of real estate. Usually there is only one agent involved and the essential piece of paperwork is a pre-approval letter from a lender before he or she will accept the offer. Usually there's not too much room for negotiation reg… read more

Becoming and Older Parent

Today, with all the technology and advances regarding infertility, we are socially very aware and sensitive to a parent's age. Whatever ones choices regarding not having children previously, a pregnancy later in life is nothing to feel bad about and there are certain perks to being an older parent as well. Is there now… read more

Online Marketing on a Budget

Want to make the most out of your online marketing experience? Here are some tips to get big results on a budget. When signing up for an online marketing campaign most people are searching for attention and publicity from a target market. Like any other marketing field: TV, Internet, radio, etc. one is usually competin… read more