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Pet Odor Removal Products That Actually REMOVE the Odor for Good!

In this day and age, many households have at least one pet! With pets comes messes! Some are just simple spilled food bowls, scattered litter around the box or chewed up toys. But other messes can really make our house smell and look unsightly!With that being said, everyone who owns pets has purchased pet odor removal … read more

Footage stock

When choosing a footage company to use, there are a few things you should know. Often, you get a choice between commercial or editorial footage stock. As the name suggests, commercial stock footage is used to sell a product. Editorial footage, on the other hand, is used by media outlets or a news platform to illustrate… read more

Give the Gift of Hobby

Sometimes a great gift idea is sitting right in front of you, all of us have a hobby and it just takes a little attention and research to find the perfect gift that will help your loved ones advance their interests. So, ready to save on your favourite toys and hobbies? From model air planes to learning toys, with Tellm… read more

Don't Buy Textbooks; Rent Them Instead

The College Board estimates that the average college student spends $1,200 per semester on textbooks. That’s a hefty amount added to the already expensive tuition rates and costs of living. Luckily, textbook rental is an alternative to buying the necessary books to earn a college degree. It’s an option that… read more

A Holiday for Your Health

It has been scientifically proven, holidays make one healthy and happy. It has also been noted that several short trips may be better than a long holiday. This study is based on a Finnish research project which found that people who spend their money on concerts, travel with family or weekend breaks are in general happ… read more