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Celebrity Clothing Lines

Clothing lines designed by celebrities are becoming more and more popular these days; they are perhaps even more prevalent than celebrity endorsed fragrances! It is increasingly common for chart topping, internationally recognized artists like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna to have their own women’s apparel lin… read more

Beginner's Guide to Juice Cleanses

Juice cleanses have been gaining popularity as of late. Many people swear by their results, but starting a juice cleanse requires a certain amount of discipline and research. Juice cleanses are not for everyone; people with certain food allergies or glucose-related sensitivities should definitely consult their doctor b… read more

How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

If you are traveling to an exotic location, but still want to eat like a local there are certain guidelines to follow that can help you avoid becoming ill. To begin with, wash your hands often – especially before and after a meal – and use soap or carry an antibacterial gel. Be careful to not drink fruit shakes fro… read more

What To Do In Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is the state's second largest city and from its founding it has boasted a beautiful climate and culture. Nestled at the foot of Pikes Peak, it's still possible to hike to the top of the 14,000 foot summit or take the Cog Railway up to catch the view. The city continues to offer a wide range of cultural… read more

Parisians Try to Improve Business With Better Courtesy

Every American knows that Paris is a select destination, but world-famous for its rudeness! With the economic downturn taking its toll on businesses, Paris city government is trying to give a boost to the tourist industry and Franco-American relations by producing a six page booklet called “Do you speak Touriste?” … read more