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Tips for Home Shopping

Now is the time to consider working in real estate. Yes, the economy has crashed and the housing market is in the pits, but this actually makes it a real estate agent's dream...Everyday new houses go out on the market and receive offers, keeping agents on their toes and helping them to make money from their cut of the … read more

The Serpentine Pavilion in London

The question was how to make a cloud out of steel, and Suo Fujimoto responded. One of the world's top new architects, Fujimoto made a cloud out of 28 kilometers of thin metal tubes that were cut up into tiny sections (27,000) and then rejoined (in 10,000 places). This will be the new pavilion of Serpentine Gallery, whe… read more

How to Use for Deals

Find the products you want for prices that match your budget at! See the top search results for a wide range of products: whether you are looking for a shower curtain or plane tickets, our free comparison site makes it easy to find out the best prices online and locate vendors that meet your needs. Check … read more

Top Site for Arts and Entertainment

Have you ever heard of the website If you love celebrity gossip and following the latest fashion successes and failures, this is the site for you. Written by two witty and forked-tongue Hollywood fashionistas, it will have you laughing until you cry. Follow the latest appointments of Prince William a… read more