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Make the Party Into a Gift Itself

Everyone loves a good birthday party – that goes from 3 year olds up to 50 year olds! Turn a birthday party into a gift and you've done more than your share of giving. Children love the surprise and grown ups love not having to do all the work organizing and preparing – or cleaning up afterwards. If you are willing… read more

Why Use Pure Beeswax Candles

Most of the candles on the market today are made from paraffin since it costs less and burns smoother, however, the true best choice is pure beeswax candles. They are more economic in the long run, better for your health, better for the environment and have a unique beauty and perfume. If you burn a beeswax candle with… read more

Healthy Foods for a Deep Sleep

Did you know that you that the foods you eat can determine the quality of your sleep later on? For those insomniacs or anyone that just wants to obtain the best rest possible, here are some suggestions for a bed time snack that will do the trick. The secret is a food that combines tryptophan with something rich in carb… read more

Defeat Garden Pests

Don't let common garden pests get the better of your patience or ruin a beautiful flower display that you worked so hard to bring to life. Let's start with the most common of pests, the aphid. These little guys start out small and attack new growth leaving sad misshapen leaves. Lucky you, the easy organic solution is j… read more

Food Trucks to Retail Trucks

There is no doubt that a food truck phenomenon has happened in all major U.S cities and even smaller towns across the nation. Food trucks are no longer only for outdoor festivals and fairs, but they are showing up on random street corners, school parking lots, and any community event that may be happening. Food trucks … read more