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Why Read The New York Times?

Established in 1851, the New York Times is one of the greatest newspapers ever published. Still, in circulation more than 150 after its original date of publication, the paper strives to report news in an unbiased fashion. It was a penny paper when it all began. While the price has increased over time, what hasn&rsquo… read more

Emotions for New Mothers

Though the media and our society depicts the moment a woman becomes a new mother as the most exciting and wonderful period of her life (thought at least they are honest and leave tired in there!), there is an unspoken side. Mixed emotions, depression and postpartum symptoms are all too common. No expectant mother can e… read more

The Book of Mormon Musical

Now that the Book of Mormon musical has migrated from New York to Los Angeles and can be seen even in London, the musical has created even more buzz as it starts its tour worldwide. The creators of the critically acclaimed Broadway musical are the same men who are responsible for the ridiculous and always controversial… read more

The Ideal Beauticians’ Gifts

Beauticians are awesome people since they glam you up so that you can stand out at work or an occasion. On that account, you can appreciate them with beauticians gifts from time to time. Shopping for the ultimate present can be quite a hassle, but some ideas will get you started. The trick is to know what your makeup a… read more

Are We Losing the Global Warming Fight?

For so long global warming was kept out of the news. Facts and research wasn't published and the terms “climate change” and “global warming” weren't used. They were considered taboo. Today however global warming is becoming an unavoidable reality and with CO2 emissions at an all time high in 2012 the media is … read more