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The Book of Mormon Musical

Now that the Book of Mormon musical has migrated from New York to Los Angeles and can be seen even in London, the musical has created even more buzz as it starts its tour worldwide. The creators of the critically acclaimed Broadway musical are the same men who are responsible for the ridiculous and always controversial… read more

Wikileaks Offers Snowden Aid

Wikileaks is making headlines again, this time because it has offered to aid former C.I.A. Technician Edward Snowden as he flees from persecution in the U.S.A. Originally seeking asylum in Hong Kong, Snowden was accompanied by British Wikileaks activist Sarah Harrison as he flew from Hong Kong to Moscow and then hopes … read more

Parisians Try to Improve Business With Better Courtesy

Every American knows that Paris is a select destination, but world-famous for its rudeness! With the economic downturn taking its toll on businesses, Paris city government is trying to give a boost to the tourist industry and Franco-American relations by producing a six page booklet called “Do you speak Touriste?” … read more

The Case of Edward Snowden

What will happen to Edward Snowden? This is the cutting news of the moment, and the bizarre journey is still underway. Snowden was a former C.I.A. Technician and has admitted to leaking state secrets regarding a new U.S. Surveillance program that collects massive amounts of phone data records for the use of foreign sur… read more

Where to Wed in London This Summer

The summer is a beautiful moment of the year to marry and there are several fantastic outdoor locations to make a memorable wedding. So whether you are looking for tradition, luxury or a church wedding, here are the best picks. For a classic venue that is a sophisticated choice, consider Syon Park nearby London. It has… read more