News about abusive relationship

Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Recent statistics show that around the world 1 in 3 women suffers from verbal or physical abuse. This number is extremely high and shows that violence against women is a very real problem that is happening right now. In many cases, due to an unhappy family life or childhood, or simply because the person knows no better… read more

The Reality of Being a Step Parent

If being a parent is the hardest job in the world, this means that being a step parent is even more demanding! The role of the step parent is blurry, especially for the children and navigating it to make everyone comfortable requires a lot of dedication and sensitivity. Children are easily confused by the change of a n… read more

Best Low Fat Cheese Choices

You may have thought that cheese has to be entirely avoided when dieting, however, this is thankfully not the case! Cheese is a great source of protein, minerals, calcium and phosphorus – however it's also a source of saturated fat. Like most good things, cheese is best enjoyed in small quantities! In America we tend… read more

Rihanna: Rolemodel?

Recently the singer and fashion designer Rihanna has come under a lot of slack for being a bad role model. She's sexy, immodest, and is often seen making rude gestures. However, why does Rihanna have to be a role model at all? As a woman, Rihanna comes under scrutiny because of her sexy dressing style with bosom and bo… read more

Will Credit Cards Make You a Bad Person?

Once a cashless society, where physical money is no longer used, seemed impossible, today thanks to credit cards it has become a reality. In the 1970s, in the USA, 80% of Americans didn't have a credit card, today 80% of American do have a credit card. We can all agree that when we have a card and no cash it's a hassle… read more